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Sold locally in Butte, Montana at these select locations:

The Velvet Antler Collective, Farmer's Market (Uptown Butte on Saturdays May-October, check our Facebook to verify we will be on site) 

Orders May Be Placed by Phone and Shipped for a Fee

Please leave a message indicating your order, we will return your call to verify your order and process payment prior to shipping (currently no online marketplace)

We blend with love & laughter, and we love to experiment with new combinations.

As we pursue more herbalist and naturopath education, you can bet on

seeing more holistic solutions here in the future.

Salves & Butters

Molly's Miracle Salve

Our flagship favorite, this salve is loaded with moisturizing carrier oils that are naturally rich in vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and using the power of beeswax to help seal in moisture. This salve is an exceptional treat for dry skin, working hands, and is versatile enough to be used as a lip balm. Essential oils of lavender and roman chamomile provide for a light, pleasant aroma and offer the many powerful benefits that these oils provide (typically known for calming and relaxation).

4 oz Glass Jar... $15  

Small Travel Size Tin... $4 

Reiki Miracle Salve

Produced in partnership with local Good Vibrations Reiki, our very own Molly's Miracle Salve is infused with the powerful impact of Reiki energy by

Ms. Stephanne Cox for a unique experience you'll adore.

Small Travel Size Tin... $6

Large Tin... $20  

Various Seasonal Salves 

Mild Seasonal Vapor Salve - an excellent natural alternative to petroleum based vapor salves, this products has a thoughtful blend of eucalyptus and fir essential oil blended at a low dilution to ensure the best experience for littles and those sensitive to vapors.

4 oz Glass Jar... $15  

Oregano Seasonal Vapor Salve - the base of this oil is infused with powerful oregano before being blended with eucalyptus and fir essential oils making it a "hot oil" concoction. Great to put on feet before bed (then socks) when you're fighting off seasonal colds and congestion.

4 oz Glass Jar... $15  

Mama Joe's Body Butter

A Limited Edition whipped delight that includes cocoa butter and macadamia nut oil for a mouthwatering scent that lasts and lasts. A silky smooth finish drives home the luxurious feel of a naturally based body butter that would make Mama Joe proud.

Large Tin... $10  

Essential Blends


A proprietary blend of over a dozen carefully selected oils provides an excellent anchor to the moment and to your physical body.

Woodsy, Rich, Centering.

1/4 Dram Travel Size (neat)... $4

Coconut Blend Roller Bottle... $12

Rose Roots

A variation of our original Roots blend, pulling clary sage and rose to the surface for a more floral experience of the resin heavy original. 

1/4 Dram Travel Size (neat)... $4

Coconut Blend Roller Bottle... $12

Personalized Oil Blends

Intuitively blended essential oils to support your personal journey.

Properties vary by customer. 

1/4 Dram Travel Size (neat)... $10-20

Coconut Blend Roller Bottle... $20-50

Wings & More Blends Available Soon


The Original Daily Body Oil has got my legs looking amazing. My skin used to be super, super dry and no matter how much lotion I used they were awful after a shave. This oil keeps my skin soft and nourished.


Steph C., Montana


Face & Body Oils

Original Daily Body Oil

A sophisticated blend of carrier oils and waxes that sink deep into your skin and finish with a light shine. A proprietary blend essential oils offers a mild fragrance with notes of lavender, sandalwood, and rose geranium.

2 oz Bottle (Travel Size)... $12 

4 oz Bottle... $20  

Soothing Mint Body Oil

A variation of our Original Daily Body Oil with a refreshing mint finish. 

2 oz Bottle (Travel Size)... $12 

4 oz Bottle... $20  

Limited Edition Summer Body Oil

Using the power of raspberry seed and carrot oils, this blend gives your skin a little extra love for days in the sun. Please note: This oils does NOT replace a traditional sun protection product. Enjoy the vibrant, exotic scents of mandarin and frankinsence essential oils on your next vacation.

2 oz Bottle (Travel Size)... $12 

4 oz Bottle... $20  

Original Daily Facial Oil 

With a light but powerful blend of carrier oils versatile enough to care optimally for combination, normal, dry, and mature skin - this rich daily moisturizer harnesses the power of nature to keep your skin nourished and glowing.

1 oz bottle... $25  

Original Daily Facial Serum 

Best if used under our Daily Facial Oil or as a night treatment, this serum provides the extra love that dry and mature skin craves.

1 oz bottle... $25 

Oil Cleansing Method Blends

Available in olive or sunflower oil blends (combined with traditional castor oil), these starter size bottles are an excellent option for someone just looking to try the OCM for the first time (or looking to test out a new blend that may work better). OCM is certainly not for everyone, so please do your due diligence to research Oil Cleansing Method for yourself before making this purchase. 

1 oz bottle... $6  


April was not only patient with me while blending essential oils that worked with my aromatic sensitivities, but was instrumental in finding a phenomenal combination that neutralized my incoming migraines and relaxed the tension in my body.


Nicole G., Wisconsin


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